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So Now What – What Will I Do?

I’ve chosen the tagline “Creating My Dream Life Through Online Marketing” for this blog.

What a dream life is for me won’t be the same as it is for you.

I long to have time for my grand-kids, for my horses, for being outdoors and experience life full on. I hate being obliged to be indoors between certain hours of the day.

I’d love to have a small property where I can live with my horses outside my kitchen window, and where my kids and their families can come and stay. And yes, there is a prepper component to it as well.

And I have to admit, I’m not good with authorities. I want to be my own boss.

So what is my plan to achieve all this?

Like I heard a successful person say – hope is not a strategy.

So I’m not gonna hope I will achieve my dreams, I need to plan for it and create a strategy. And I have to take action on that strategy every single day.

I don’t recommend this, but I’m actually pursuing three different paths.

I’ve been online aiming to make money for many years. I have been making some money previously, but very far from what I want and desire. However, I have gained some experience and believe I can juggle more than one activity. If not, I will put one of them on hold or abandon it altogether.

So this is what I’ll be doing, and I will tell you more about each one in coming posts.

  • Affiliate marketing – I’ve been doing this previously, and before the virus hysteria hit the world I had an affiliate website that made several hundred dollars a month. However, lots have changed when it comes to doing this business, and I know I need to learn from someone who has deep knowledge and lots of experience. I have made my choice with this, and will talk more about it later on.
  • Selling my own products – I’m a certified Jan Fennell Dog Listener, and helping dog owners help their dogs is something I’m really passionate about. I have a website for this called Thriving Mutts, which is also an affiliate website for Chewy.
  • Book Arbitrage – This is something I’ve started doing just recently. So far I absolutely love it and have great expectations for it. It’s simple and very doable, BUT you have to take action every day, and be very persistent and consistent. Hope is not a strategy with this either. If you’re curious, you can watch a webinar here.

So I’ve planted my flags. These are the endeavours I will pursue to reach my goal and create my dream life.

Thinking about this makes me happy and filled with energy and determination.

One more thing.

Like so many of us having a desire to have success online, I have spent thousands of dollars buying courses over the years. Way too many thousand. I’m not in debt, but I have spent my savings.

What I have learnt though, is that once you find a business model you are certain works, it’s all up to you.

Nobody’s coming to rescue me, or you. We have to take action, be consistent, and never ever see failures as fatal. They are truly only opportunities to learn and find new ways forward.

To our success, Katrin


  1. Awesome post! I like that you’re sharing your dreams with so much clarity. For myself, I am still working on getting clear on what I really, really want. I do believe that is key to achieving them.

  2. Very true, once you find a business model that works, it’s up to you. In the past, I have the bad habit of jumping from one model to the next every few weeks or every few months. Nowadays, I asked myself whether it is a business model that I am willing to stick to for at least the next 5 years before I commit to it.

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