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I’m Moving So Slowly – But I Don’t Care!

A couple of posts ago I mentioned that I actually pursue no less than three different businesses online simultaneously. While I don’t recommend that, I do enjoy it.


Everything moves so slowly!

I spend as much time as I possibly can on my businesses, while I also have a full time day job (a really good one though, I don’t have very long days and I’m not exhausted when I come home).

So as you can imagine, I don’t spend a lot of time on each business.

But I do work on them every day!

And because of that, and because I know I make progress every day even if it’s really small some days, I don’t care that I move slowly.

As long as I keep consistent, and have my committed decision to never ever stop front and center in my mind, it’s all good.

This is where I’m at now with each of my businesses:

Affiliate Marketing

I’m learning how to set up an opt-in page with a lead magnet. Being a part of Dean Holland’s The Beginner’s Advantage makes learning it a breeze actually, as well as the actual creation of the pages.

Dean has even created training videos for us to use as lead magnets, and being who he is, they are super high quality and very valuable for anyone interested in affiliate marketing.

I have also created a YouTube channel where I share my journey towards creating my dream life through online marketing. My aim is to record and post one video a week, and more often than not I stick to that. When I don’t, I don’t beat myself up over it. Instead, I high five myself every time I create a video!

I do want my content, written and recorded, to be of value to my followers. Sometimes it’s only about mindset and how to find the motivation to move forward, or move forward even when you don’t feel motivated. Sometimes it’s more informative.

Book Arbitrage

This is very much a business that will be very slow in the beginning, while you learn how to do it, and above all practise reading the charts. I spend at least an hour a day on setting alerts for books I want to buy in the future when the price is right. I can set 6000 alerts (because that’s the capacity I have purchased), and have almost reached 2000.

According to the coaches, you’re not really in business until you have at least 5000 alerts set. I aim to set at least 50 alerts a day, so if I keep that up I will have reached 5000 by the end of April.

When I find a book at a good price I buy it, and my goal is to buy 20 books in February. I honestly don’t think I will reach that, but if not I’ll set a new goal for March. All good!

Dog Listening

This is my baby. My vision is that I’ll be able to reach one million dog owners with this knowledge on how to communicate with your dog properly. It’s not dog training, but dog owner training.

I have a video course that I’m very proud of, and that I know could help many frustrated and desperate dog owners create a relaxed and happy relationship with their dog. I need to reach them!

I’m actually part of a coaching program here as well (surprise!).

It’s a high level program run by the SamCart guys, and is called CreatorU Accelerator. I have already recorded a so called coffee conversation, where I describe what Dog Listening is all about in a conversation with a host. Now it’s with the marketing team, and I’m very excited to see what they come up with!

I can’t wait…

…to see where I’m at a year from now! I know I will be consistent, I know I will move forward every single day, even if it’s slooow sometimes.

Where will it take me a year from now? Or five years from now?

I will always remember the beginnings fondly. Every single person who has earned millions online has started small. So do I.

To our success, Katrin


  1. I’ve used Sam Cart in the past, a great platform, and helpful coaching. I’m sure you can use what you’re learning doing affiliate marketing can be applied to your passion for teaching people dog listening. And what you learn from Sam Cart can be applied to affiliate marketing.

  2. I admire your patience.

    Slow progress is still progress. And you never know what you can achieve in one to five years time.

    With that said, what is your plan for the future?

    Maybe in a year’s time, you may see two businesses performing really well while the other one seems to be stagnant.

    Do you see yourself putting one aside and focusing on the other two instead?

    • Great question! Perhaps, if it’s obvious that is the case (two performing well and the third stagnant), then it will probably make sense to focus on the ones working well and grow them. I’ll go with the flow!

  3. Hi Katrin!
    Life is all about patience, isn’t it? Sometimes the wait seems like an eternity. We find ourselves on the fence of “Giving UP” because it seems to be taking tooooo looooong.
    However, it is the consistency, the faith, the celebration of every win – no matter how small, that will keep us going!
    Best wishes for all of your streams of income.
    All the best!
    Milissa Neirotti

  4. Hi Katrin,
    Yes, I like that you’re proud of moving slowly. Too often we do the opposite running a race, against no one but ourselves!

    You’ve chosen YouTube and look forward to seeing them. It’s said that TikTok might be easier to begin with as your video will be shown to more people than YouTube.

    I want to use TikTok but would also like to do YouTube, but have never done video. So I have a lot to research.

    • I’m very unfamiliar with Tik-Tok, but have used YouTube previously. To me, but that may very well be a prejudice, Tik-Tok seems less reliable and serious.

      Just start recording and posting videos, that’s the biggest hurdle for most. You can learn on the way what’s working and not. Just go for it, if you want to do video.

  5. I think you’re courageous taking on 3 businesses, Katrin, but if you think that you can handle all 3, and still move forward with them all, why not? I know that I couldn’t. All the best for the future.



    • Well, it will slow me down doing all three at once, but I’m not willing to let go of any of them. To succeed I believe one has to make a committed decision and then pay the price necessary. I’m done “trying”, I’m doing.

  6. That’s a nice bunch of online businesses you have there. I actually have a mentor who does emphasize the importance of developing the habit of putting in at least half an hour work on your online business every day. If it’s concentrated work it should guarantee you are moving forward.
    Just one thing! Please don’t tell yourself that you don’t think you’ll hit one of your targets. It’s a sure fire way to get your subconscious to make sure it happens.
    I really look forward to watching your progress with the dog listening venture. Sounds interesting.

    • Thanks for the warning, and I agree with it! Our subconscious has a lot of power to make sure we get what we have told it we want and expect!

      I have big goals overall, and I aim to reach millions of frustrated dog owners and help them get the relationship they dreamed of when they first got their dog.

  7. I admire your tenacity and mindset! I remember Dean saying that all the businesses we run could be done in the Affiliate System. I have another business that may do better within the software.

    As for dogs, my 9 month Boston Terrier is taking to running off. He comes back but I now will make sure he is always leashed because I live close to a busy road. He is a pup, after all. I know he will do better, because of his attachment to me.

    • Thanks Kate! Yes, Affiliate System can be a hub for most of our online businesses I believe, it has tremendous potential.

      Actually, it’s not a good sign that he’s running away now that he’s an adolescent, but it’s good that you will keep him on leash. Both for his safety, but also to show him running off is not an accepted behavior. You can have a long line so he has some freedom to run around, but please don’t use a flexi leash. That sends the signak that he is constantly leading you.

  8. Hi Katrin,
    I’m so impressed that you have three different businesses going on right now. I wish I had that kind of time to be able to do that. That’s awesome! You’re right though, we all must start from the beginning before we can get anywhere with our business, and then it takes time to get where we want to be in our business. I wish the best for you!

    • Well, the three businesses is why I’m going so slowly. And, there are things I choose not to do to have time for my businesses. But I’m choosing deliberately, so it’s all good. I want to reach my goals and create my dream life!

  9. Oh my Katrin,

    You are so inspiring. I can’t handle this business and my full time job. But I’m not giving up either.
    Wow that’s all I can say on what you have been doing. There is nothing wrong with going slow, as you said you will keep on going… Very impressive..


    • Thanks Sandy! I have grown up kids and live alone, so it’s easy for me to arrange my life outside of my day job to do this. But there are things I have to sacrifice, but I’m willing to do it to reach my goals πŸ™‚

  10. Katrin, you have so much going on! I’m looking forward to seeing your progress πŸ™‚ I knew about affiliate marketing and the books, but I had no idea about your dog business. Or, dog owner business! I agree! More people should know how to hear what their dogs are trying to tell them. Please follow your passion there!

  11. Katrin, I have always been taught from a young age that patience is very very important. It’s not going to make things any quicker by us being impatient. I really do believe that God has a plan for each one of us and the opportunities and doors open according to his plan not ours. We have to be patient and make the right steps and have the right mindset. take care, thanks, Atif

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